The MVEF is excited to once again present the 2021 MVCSC Teacher/Staff of the Year Award Winners for each building.  

The MVEF is now recognizing one teacher in each building as a winner and nominee for the district award. In addition, we are recognizing one staff member in each building as a winner and nominee for the district award.

The selection process starts with building nominations where every staff member is able to nominate their colleagues. The top three nominated teachers and top three nominated staff members are then rated and by their peers based on the district values (Dedication, Teamwork, Caring Demeanor, Student-Centered, Life-long Learner, and innovation). These ratings are then tallied and determined as the building winners for Teacher of the Year (TOY) / building Staff of the Year (SOY).

The building winners each submitted an application to the MVEF TOY/SOY committee. The committee used the Indiana Department of Education’s TOY scoring rubric to evaluate each building winner and determine the MVCSC TOY and SOY.

*Ryan Fry Excellence in Education Award Winners
In 2018, Jill Prefontaine and her husband, Kevin, established this award in memory of her brother, Ryan. Annually, two $2,500 awards are given to the Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year. Jill created this  honor to “combine the love that she has for her brother and great teachers.” Jill’s father, Kenneth, was also a treasured math teacher at Mt. Vernon Schools for 30 years.

2021 Recipients

2021 Building Winners
Delinda Deckard  (FES / TOY)
Nancy Price (FES / SOY)
Elizabeth Chaplin (MES / TOY)
Jenny Campbell (MES / SOY)
Brianne Williams (MCE / TOY)
Melissa Montague (MCE / SOY)
Kittie Masters (MVMS / TOY)
Lisa Lindman (MVMS / SOY)
Lynette Huth (MVHS / TOY)
Joanna Goff (MVHS / SOY)
Leeanna Seppala (Administration / TOY)
Doris Johnson (Administration / SOY)

2021 Building Winners
Lynette Huth (MVHS / TOY) *
Doris Johnson (Administration / SOY)*

2020 Recipients

2020 Building Winners
Krista Weber (FES / TOY)
Veronica Kirby (FES / SOY)
Erin Hardin (MES / TOY)
Emily Snider (MES / SOY)
Ashley Schenck (MCE / TOY)
Laura Lyons (MCE / SOY)
Lauren Reifel (MVMS / TOY)
Stephanie Evans (MVMS / SOY)
Karen Riesterer (MVHS / TOY)
Lisa Tappy (MVHS / SOY)
Ashley Ridenour (Administration / TOY)
Lisa Heitman (Administration / SOY)

2020 District Winners
Ashley Schenck (MCE / TOY)*
Veronica Kirby (FES / SOY)*

2019 Recipients

2019 Building Winners
Sara Keljo (FES / TOY)
Veronica Kirby (FES / SOY)
Karon Neal (MES / TOY)
Diane Rafert (MES / SOY)
Kelly Brown (MCE / TOY)
Tonya Brown (MCE / SOY)
Deb Thomas (MVMS / TOY)
Brigitte Bussen (MVMS / SOY)
Sarah Weaver (MVHS / TOY)
Kelly Fleming (MVHS / SOY)
Byron Simpson (Administration / TOY)
Gwen Scrogham (Administration / SOY)

2019 District Winners
Deb Thomas (MVMS / TOY)*
Gwen Scrogham (Administration / SOY)*

2018 Recipients

2018 Building Winners
Jennifer Strantz (FES / TOY)
Kelsey Sager (FES / SOY)
Terry Trowbridge (MES / TOY)
Shona Kelly (MES / SOY)
Cathy Ringham (MCE / TOY)
Amy McCleery (MCE / SOY)
Debbie Thomas (MVMS / TOY)
Amanda Hill (MVMS / SOY)
Tom Shaver (MVHS / TOY)
Trista Hurst (MVHS / SOY)

2018 District Winners
Tom Shaver (MVHS / TOY)*
Terry Trowbridge (MES / TOY)*