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MVEF Founder Leanne Brown Donates

Leanne Brown, MVEF Founder

In the heart of the Mt Vernon community, where tales of dedication echo, one name resonated profoundly—Leanne Brown. As the founder of the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation (MVEF) in 2007, she painted a vision not confined to the immediate, but one that spanned horizons. Now, as an emeritus board member, her legacy endures, with the foundation firmly standing on the principles she established.

Leanne’s conviction was undeniable; she believed deeply in the transformative power of education and its role as the bedrock of a thriving community. Through the ups and downs, challenges, and victories that MVEF navigated, Leanne’s presence remained constant. Her role wasn’t merely that of an observer; she was an active participant, often taking the reins to steer the organization toward its mission.

While the foundation grew and evolved, Leanne always had her fingers on its pulse. She appreciated the contributions of everyone, including Renee Oldham, the passionate Executive Director. Her relentless energy and drive to further the MVEF’s cause didn’t go unnoticed by Leanne. In Renee, Leanne recognized her dedication,  her passion, and a spirit that was equally committed to the cause of supporting the success of MV  students and staff.

Wanting to express her appreciation and recognize the leadership role Renee played, Leanne penned a deeply heartfelt e-mail. It wasn’t just an ordinary note; it was filled with genuine admiration for her passion, hard work, and dedication to the students, staff, and  MV community.  And, to underscore her gratitude, Leanne generously donated a check for $2,500 to MVEF to purchase office furniture for Renee’s new workspace. 

“Get the cool office supplies, nice picture frames, and all the fun organizational things if you like that kind of stuff,”

Leanne Brown, MVEF Founder

Leanne’s letter continued, encouraging Renee to create a beautiful and inspiring workspace. She wanted Renee to have a place where she could feel completely at ease and surrounded by things that brought her joy. Whether it was a sleek desk, elegant shelves, or a charming filing cabinet, Leanne wanted Renee to have what she desired to make her workspace truly her own. “Get the cool office supplies, nice picture frames, and all the fun organizational things if you like that kind of stuff,” Leanne playfully wrote, knowing Renee’s eye for detail and love for organization. She wanted Renee to enjoy every moment of the process and indulge in creating a space that reflected her personality.

Most importantly, Leanne emphasized that Renee deserved this treat. Her dedication to the MVEF and the community had been unwavering, and this was a small token of appreciation for all her hard work. Renée was humbled by Leanne’s generosity.

While Renee was deeply moved by this gesture, she also felt a responsibility to use the funds judiciously. She scoured the market for quality used furniture, ensuring the combined funds would be spent efficiently. With funds now in place, Renee, who often joked about her old desk held together with masking tape, saw this as an opportunity to create a holistic environment for MVEF while being fiscally responsible.

Leanne’s actions have always had a ripple effect. Her act of generosity not only upgraded a workspace but also embraced a sense of gratitude within the foundation and community. As the story of Leanne’s generosity and Renee’s dedication unfolded in Mt Vernon, it served as a poignant reminder of how appreciation, combined with vision, can lead to lasting impacts. Her heartfelt gesture had not only created a stunning personal workspace for Renee but also a very professional space for MVEF.  Leanne’s generosity reminds us of the boundless possibilities that emerge from collective effort and heart.

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