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MVEF Parent University Schedule

Keynote Speaker

Laura Hickman, MA, LMHC 

“Tech Talk” 

6-7 pm Alumni Center AV Needed


There has been a significant shift in mental health due to changes associated with technology.  Laura is passionate about raising awareness and equipping parents to feel more confident navigating this challenging topic.  Through Tech Talk, Laura hopes to equip parents with greater awareness about the impact technology is having on children and families, offer practical tools to help parents manage technology, and increase parental confidence in leading their children in this digital age.   

Workshop Sessions

Session l 5:00-5:45 PM (Select One)

Serving the Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Needs of Gifted Children-Training Room

Presented by Jessica Daugherty, MVCSC High Ability Coordinator and Teacher, and Whitney Coake, State of Indiana High Ability Coordinator

Social and emotional needs are at the heart of well-being and the foundation for achievement for all children. Many gifted children need targeted assistance with peer relationships, perfectionism, asynchronous development, situational stressors, and post-secondary planning.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention for Families- Board Room

Presented by: Amy Tucker, MVCSC Behavior Specialist, and TBRI Practitioner

TBRI principles are geared at creating trusting, meaningful relationships between caregivers and children of all ages. This hands-on session will provide you with tools and strategies to deepen your relationships, learn about the brain, and correct behavior in a healthy, connected way.

Parenting in the Digital Age: Keeping Kids Safe and You Sane –Upstairs in the Alumni Center

Presented by: Misty Hall, MVCSC Curriculum Integration Coordinator

Technology is neither good nor evil in and of itself.  It’s all about how it is used.  This session explores tools and strategies to protect your child’s digital footprint, identity, and safety online and on gaming platforms without having to be a technology expert yourself.   

Session ll 7:15- 8 pm (Select One)

Transitioning to Middle School and Beyond High School-Alumni Center

Presented by: Jo Goff, MVCSC

The transition to middle school, high school, and beyond can be daunting for any family but there are ways that parents can assist their children with these transitions. This session will provide you with some important tips and information for making the transition to middle school and high school easier, including how you can prepare them for what happens after high school; whatever that may look like. 

Supporting ENL Learners at Home-Scott Shipley’s Office

Presented by: Haley Frischkorn, MVCSC ENL Coordinator, and Daniela Leyva, MVCSC ENL Life Coach

This workshop will help parents better understand the school’s important technology and communication platforms, such as ParentSquare, Canvas, and Skyward. We will answer frequently asked questions concerning grading and attendance policies. And finally, we will learn strategies parents can use at home to support their student’s English language development.

Conversations and Games: Building Math Fluency and Skills at Home –Board Room

Presented by Mia Bennett, Elementary Educator, Elementary Instructional Coach

Games are an excellent tool for families to interact and have fun, but did you know that many games can also build math fluency and skills?  In this session, we will discuss ways to build math into everyday conversations and play simple games that will build problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and fluency with the four operations.

Inquiry at Home- How to Support STEM at Home –Training Room

Presented by Kathy Tingwald, MVCSC STEM

This workshop will empower parents to feel more confident in providing their child with stem activities as well as approaches to science, technology, engineering, and math, to use in daily life scenarios.

Not only will we have examples of stem experiences, but also, gather some “make it, take it” type items to begin our discovery at home. Parents will leave with the materials and knowledge they need to make it easier to begin.